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5 things I miss since becoming a parent 

Firstly, I just want to say that I am in no way complaining about my life as a parent. There is absolutely no doubt that having kids changes your life completely and of course I wouldn’t go back now. I’d be lost without Fletcher and Eden. But there are just a few things that sometimes… Continue reading 5 things I miss since becoming a parent 


How to survive the early mornings 

If you’re not a morning person, like me, then the early mornings you’re faced with as a parent can really kick your ass. I am unfortunate enough to have an early bird in the form of my cheeky 2 year old, Fletcher. He seems to go through phases but on average any time after 3:30am… Continue reading How to survive the early mornings 


20 Rainy day activities 

Does anybody else hate it when you have a great day planned and you get up at the crack of dawn to get everybody ready in time and bam! It’s raining. Day ruined. The rain has ruined several fun planned days for us in the past and although it puts a little downer on the… Continue reading 20 Rainy day activities 


10 Lies we tell our kids 

Just to clarify, I'm talking about those little white lies here, you know, the ones you probably tell your kids on daily basis as a means of bribery. “If you don’t tidy your toys up they are going in the bin!”. We’re not really going to put them in the bin, they cost a fortune… Continue reading 10 Lies we tell our kids 


Swimming essentials for toddlers

Recently we have been swimming which is where my idea came from for this post. It's only in the last few months I've really enjoyed taking the kids swimming, thanks to losing over 3 stone with Slimming World (but that's a different post for another time). Luckily both Fletcher and Eden really enjoy swimming. I… Continue reading Swimming essentials for toddlers


Shortbread biscuits 

Baking is something I've always enjoyed! I don't do it half as much as I'd like too but occasionally I give a good cake or cupcakes a go. Watching the Great British Bake off every Tuesday has inspired me to try something new, shortbread biscuits. I do love a good buttery, crumbly melt in the… Continue reading Shortbread biscuits 


Organix fun food plate 

I approached Organix to see if they had any food products I could try out with Fletcher and Eden. I was more than happy with the response I received from them! In the past I've tried to be a bit creative with their meals and snacks  just for something different and exciting for them, also… Continue reading Organix fun food plate 


A tour of Fletcher and Eden’s bedroom

Before Eden came along Fletcher had the bedroom all to himself. I was so excited once we had decorated his bedroom. I remember the night me and my other half built his cot up in the living room. I had one of those moments where you realise "I'm going to have a baby! There's going… Continue reading A tour of Fletcher and Eden’s bedroom

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Why I love blogging

I've had many blogs over the years, one of those was pretty successful in my eyes and by that I mean I had around 15-20 followers and my posts were being read and occasionally commented on. That to me was a win. That slowly fazed out as I got older and started working and going… Continue reading Why I love blogging


How to survive the terrible twos 

Where has my lovely baby gone and who has replaced him with the devil child? This is something I have often said out loud  or thought quietly to myself quite a lot in the last 8 months or so. The truth is my lovely little boy is still there, he's just growing up and learning… Continue reading How to survive the terrible twos